Rene + Jose, Braemar Country Club Wedding and Reception

Rene and Jose tied the knot not once but twice on Saturday! First in a Christian ceremony and secondly in a Persian ceremony. Rene, to celebrate her Persian ancestry hired belly dancers. To compliment the belly dancers, Jose chose Salsa Dancers, and what a hot hip happening dance floor we had. Rene and Jose created their own dances together and Jose with his brothers created a tribute to his Equadoran ethnicity. What to me looked like the three caballeros, but the dance probably has a proper Spanish title, or maybe it was just fun for them. Either way the party was a blast!

Rozemari + Michael, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church + Castle Green in beautiful Pasadena, CA

Rozemari planned her wedding herself, all the details from the Rolls Royce Chauffeured car, to the chocolates and champagne snack after their recessional. Not a task for the faint of heart, or someone who would prefer to not be bothered with various questions during the big day. The details of this wedding were so well thought out, everything was beautiful. Many wonderful friends, family and even Howard Hewett congregated with expressed affinity to these very special people. At Castle Green, one of Pasadena’s historic buildings with all its old world grandeur welcomed all from near or far.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Birthday Event of Bobbi and Morty Topher

Friday night was the opening of the bash at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where we started on the Penthouse for cocktail hour. Kenny G. performed for us with various Saxophones. Next was dinner upstairs on the roof, which was completely transformed with six cabanas, carpet, furniture and stage for the lovely Etta James. ‘At Last’ live hits you with waves of emotion, Etta still has the energy and passion.