Weight loss – with Sam’s Cozy Corner

Over the years I’ve had many brides do all kinds of diets to lose weight, some have done dangerous diets, some do bootcamps, some have personal trainers.

As a high school athlete that continues to excercise daily, I have found over the course of many trainers and bootcamps the best one. My secret to looking great is Sam of Sam’s Cozy Corner. So there you have it, in a word Sam.

The workout is always challenging but not so much that I’m resisting going back for more. I started working out with Sam when I was a skinny 15 year old, and have over the last decades – yes with an s – always found my way back to Sam.

The best workout at a reasonable rate. He’s located at:

12443 Riverside Dr, Valley Village, CA 91607
Phone:(818) 762-5604

Sam holds a BS in Kinesiology, and is a retired NFL player for the Orioles, Chargers, Raiders, and some others I don’t recall.

This Summer I decided to put my health first, before everything else. Integral to my plan of excellent fitness is Sam – truly.   Today I went for a swim and haven’t felt this strong in years.  I did twice what I thought I would do – that result is all thanks to Sam.