Fun Places for Photos in Pasadena

Pasadena has been a classy town since the DuPont’s, Huntington’s, etc… came for their Summer vacations out from New York.

Lucky for us today, we can enjoy what they built for us, and on our special events days, we can take photographs, often times free in Pasadena.

Some of my favorite places to photograph in Pasadena that are charge no fee are The Colorado Street Bridge, The Langham-Huntington, City Hall,(although at times I’ve been approached about never have been demanded to have a permit), The Civic Center, Cafe’s along Colorado and Union Streets, and the Library in and outside.

For shooting fees, or working in a Gorilla style one can go to: The Huntington Library and Gardens, the Arboretum, Castle Green. I’ve shot several weddings at the above locations.