Heather and Nathan, Villa Del Sol d’Oro, Alverno Villa in Sierra Madre

Heather got ready at the Langham in Pasadena, California. To honor Heather’s heritage the ceremony was a traditional Greek ceremony at Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in Pasadena. The reception took place at Villa Del Sol D’ Oro which is a Micheal Angelo Villa replica, his only villa I’m told, located in Sierra Madre, just North East of Pasadena.

The Alverno Villa Del Sol D’ Oro is a duplicate of the Villa Collazzi located on the outskirts of Florence Italy. The original Villa has been occupied for several centuries by the Bombicci ― Fomi family, and legend has it that the Villa is the only one designed by Michelangelo. The Villa del Sol d’Oro is scaled to one―quarter the original.

Wallace Neff, the famous Pasadena Archetect built the Villa and completed it by 1928. Nestled at the foot of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains in Sierra Madre, the Villa was to capture a “pure” Italian Renaissance Style. The estate was built by Dr. Jarvis Barlow for his wife, who had such affinity for the original Villa Collazzi she visited in Italy, that her pleasing husband had one built for her here.